Why Love & Basketball is Such a Monumental Movie to Me!

Why Love & Basketball is Such a Monumental Movie to Me!

Why Love & Basketball is Such a Monumental Movie to Me!

I was only 15 years old when the Spike Lee directed movie, Love & Basketball came to theaters. I remember seeing the commercials, and right away knew the movie was about me. A girl who loved playing basketball and fell in love with a boy who was her neighbor who she played basketball with. So, I knew I had to see it! 

My friends and I arranged a group to go to the movies on opening day to check out the movie. It was a Friday night, and my friends and I decided to hit the Milford Movie Theatre. My best friends Ally & Alceya were with me along with my brother, and his friends Vince, Mike, and Reggie. Reggie invited his cousin Kenny to come. Lord knows I had the biggest crush ever on Kenny.

So there I am, in Kenny’s presence trying to do everything possible for him to notice me, but he had his eye on my best friend Ally, who knew I was practically in love with Kenny. 

The day love and basketball came out, was the first day my little teenage heart was fully broken. I sat through the first half of the movie only to watch my best friend, Ally, hold hands and kiss my the crush, Kenny. My heart shattered in one thousand pieces as i turned my head from the movie to see the atrocity. “Girl Code” much?

I left the movie, and sat in the lobby, only to watch the rain, thunder and lightening come down outside as the tears fell down my face. I literally hated the movie “Love & Basketball” for months,because it constantly reminded me of my heart ache.

Until oneday, I gave it another chance. I watched the full movie through and realized I was an idiot for letting my bad experience at the movie theatre that night, not allow me to understand how amazing the concept of the movie was. Love & Basketball to this day is one of my all time favorite movies. I can watch it over and over without thinking about Ally & Kenny.

Side Note: Me & Ally are no longer friends. We haven’t talked since 1998. And Kenny is in jail. So much for that relationship.

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