Joy Found In A Pandemic: Friday Night Face Off!

DJ Too Much Loren

Every Friday since April 2020, there has been an amazing battle that started before the infamous “Versus” battles, by the name of “Friday Night Face Off”. The audience watches virtually as 2 djs go head to head, track for track, round for round. A category is chosen, typically two different artists, or genres are chosen for that week. Each Dj chooses 15-20 songs per artist to battle it out with. In the end, the virtual audience takes a poll to decide the winner.

Friday November 13, 2020 I have the honor of DJing a show that started because of covid-19, by the name of Friday Night Face Off! I’m so excited. This will be the third time I DJ Too Much will be on the show! These events and other virtual events like these only started on Zoom, and via the internet because of circumstance. In 2020, during the covid-19 pandemic, people needed a way to stay entertained and stay connected! Friday Night Face Off has been able to consistently do just that, and I love everything about it!

The first thing I love about this event is the fact that it makes me do my research and really dig deep in the crates! Whether I’m digging deep to find out background information about the artists, the labels or the genre of music period. I’ve learned so much doing the Friday Night Face Off event and have been able to stay on top of my music and keep my music crates building throughout the entire pandemic.

The second thing I love about this event is the new exposure for my brand! I’ve been able to perform for crowds virtually that may have never heard me spin live before, but the virtual audience exposes my brand to new crowds of people within my network and community, that may have never known about my DJ Name before Covid-19! This has without a doubt helped the DJ Too Much brand grow online and offline! I can’t wait to party with the people Ive been able to meet virtually in real life, once the pandemic is over. Many people are excited to meet and party with us in the near future! I can’t wait!

The third thing I love about this “Friday Night Face Off”event, are the new historical facts I always seem to find out about the artists and genres of music I am given to battle with. While researching for the category “Best Hip Hop Features of the 90’s & 2000’s” I discovered some amazing gems. I discovered the first r&b record with a hip hop feature was in 1988. The first r&b track with a hip hop feature in the 90’s was by Janet Jackson & Heavy D, in 1990. This song was also sampled and used to make a theme song for the hit show, “In Living Color”! Major!

Learning the history of music and its evolution, and being able to share what I learn with the crowds is not only entertaining, but educational! I love everything about music, djing and entertaining. Friday Night Face Off brings us joy, and allows us as Dj’s to express and entertain in a new form and fashion! Check it out, every Friday night on zoom! Don’t miss out!


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